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What do you do?

*Lol  I just found this in the drafts folder, apparently I never published it and now it’s almost two months old.*

What do you do when your child’s favorite word is “peacock?”  Seriously.  Sometime in January, Missy Doody became obsessed with the word peacock.  And around the same time, Sydney became obsessed with the word peacock.  We can’t remember who stumbled upon the word first, but they love it.  Frequently they’ll shout out “peacock,” sometimes for a specific reason and sometimes just to make each other laugh.  They call people “peacock.”  They call each other “peacock.”  When you ask what they’d like for dinner, they answer “peacock.”  Even when Syd was sick in the hospital, we knew she was having a good day when she called one of her doctors or nurses “peacock.”  At some point, we downloaded video of peacocks so that the girls could hear what they really sound like.  But they weren’t too impressed.  So we promised them that when Sydney was feeling up to it…we’d take them to the zoo and let them see real peacocks wandering around…

And that’s what you do!  You take your amazing crazy peacock-obsessed daughters to the zoo just so that they can see the peacocks (and giraffes, penguins, tigers, bears, and turtles).  It was so much fun.  Start to finish, these four girls are ::so. much. fun::

Missy Doody talking to the peacock, who talked right back!

It was a hot hot day, the first one of spring break, so lots of people had the same idea as we did.  The usually voracious giraffes were so stuffed, we couldn’t coax them over to us despite our best efforts.  But we did get to check out the new years baby and his parents. 

The girls loved the “petting” farm where they could feed the baby camel, the sheep, the donkeys and the goats.  Syd did not like it when the animals ate from her hand, “that’s duwty!” but was very excited when they would eat directly from her cup.  But all four of the girls were enthralled with the new exhibit ~ the parakeets!  We bought the little “budgee sticks” to lure in the birds, and lo and behold…

birds on a stick!!

It was so cool to be so close to these beautiful little birds.  I was excited when I managed to “catch” one and couldn’t believe that he(?) let me pass him off to Princess P.  She held so still, I really didn’t know she had that much endurance.  It was so fun to watch her focus on this special task.  Even Missy Doody managed to hold still…

but she wanted to touch those birds so badly! Every time she landed one, she just couldn’t contain herself and

away they flew!  Princess P just wanted to hold them and hold them and hold them.  As far as I could tell, she didn’t have any desire to touch them or get any closer than merely watching as they sat on the end of the stick, nibbling away at the treats.


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