Loving without condition, giving without measure, living for each moment


My life is divided very distinctly between “before” and “after” we learned about our daughter’s complicated heart. While it was the worst day of my life, it was also the beginning of an amazing opportunity. There is now renewed purpose to my life, in my personal aspirations and in my drive to affect change. Being a heart mom is at once terrifying and fulfilling; I hold my children tightly in the knowledge that they are gifts to cherish. I knew when I married my husband that ours was a love to last a lifetime, I just did not know how deep that love would grow. Our journey on this heart path has taught us that clinging together, we can weather all storms. We thank God every day for all the blessings in our lives.

Little about being a heart parent is easy. That being said I am a better person for it; I love more deeply, I parent more patiently, I live more purposefully, and I pray more fervently, more faithfully. I treasure my children and revel in their growth and development. Our days are spent together, laughing, playing, dancing, and singing. It is my passion to capture our adventures on film and in word, as testimony to a life well lived, to a family well-loved.


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