Loving without condition, giving without measure, living for each moment


Easter this year was very interesting for our family.  It’s the first time that Princess P has really started to understand the significance of the holiday and she’s been fascinated by it.  And with her huge heart, mystified by it…”why Momma, why would they kill Jesus?”  “why did those people not like what Jesus was saying?”  “Why couldn’t they just work it out?” And it’s been very interesting for me to try and answer those questions.  But she likes the part about Heaven and how because of Him we all live again.

Missy Doody likes hunting for eggs.  That’s her absolute favorite part of Easter.  I think she likes dying the eggs too.  So for her, Easter is about chocolate and eggs.  For P, about resurrection.  My kids crack me up!

As usual, we spent Easter morning in Urbanna with Bamma and Pa and then came back for a late brunch with my side of the family.  This year Daddy had to work the overnight into Easter morning, so we asked the bunny to bring goodies to our house instead of the River.  The girls were so cute rushing home…and I love that they were more excited to see Daddy than to see if their baskets were full.

But once they realized that they their baskets were, indeed, full of candy and goodies and most specifically chocolate, we didn’t hear very much from them!  This is Missy Doody’s basket after most of the destruction.  She seemed to be very interested in tasting each and every piece of chocolate that they bunny brought.

We had such a fun brunch at my parents house with my brother and his wife and a special friend of the family, Miss Dunn.  Apparently the girls met Miss Dunn at “knitting” when they went with Gaga while we were in Chicago.  So Princess P was very sweet and cordial; Missy Doody hid her face in my skirt.  But she did eventually start to warm up.  And evidently they were all ears at brunch when Miss Dunn shared her family tradition, first the adults hide eggs for the children and then, when the hunt has concluded, the children get to hide the eggs for their parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles.

My cheeks hurt from smiling as I watched my girls hunt for eggs.  The weather was gorgeous, actually it was hot, and they were so so excited to find the eggs.  I am fascinated by how seriously they take finding these treasures!  And sure enough, the second they were done, they turned around and began hiding the eggs for the adults.  Maybe I missed a conversation they had together, but it seemed as though their little minds worked in sync to plan this little coup.  I don’t know whether they had more fun finding the eggs hidden for them, or finding the eggs hidden by them.

Missy Doody got so anxious to finish hiding the eggs (so that she could re-find them with Uncle Bop), that she made him close his eyes so that she could dump out the bucket hide them all right there on the patio!

::: So. Much. Fun:::

Eventually the sun drove us back inside.  It wasn’t so much that we got too hot (which we did), but actually the candy started to melt and Missy D was less than satisfied with squishy M&Ms.  Miss Dunn sweetened the deal for the girls by surprising them with little Easter baskets.  Despite the fact that they were hot and tired, the girls made me so proud. They were thrilled with their little goodies and they were very loving to Miss Dunn.  Turns out the way to Missy Doody’s heart is through stuffed animals (or chocolate).  And the way to Princess P’s?  A coloring book!  But they were both affectionate with Miss Dunn and they’ve been raving about her ever since.

For me, celebrating Easter is time with family, celebrating our love and our hope for the future.  Rebirth, resurrection, new hope, bright colors, and chocolate eggs.


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