Loving without condition, giving without measure, living for each moment


Every time we go through some major event, I resolve again to start blogging.  And then, before I can even climb back on, I fall off the writing wagon!  It’s just tough with two very active girls and a husband who works odd hours.  I fall victim to mom guilt when I spend too much time in front of my computer during waking hours…and during sleeping hours, I tend to want to sleep as well.  But the change in the season brings with it a change in routine, and so here I am, on a Thursday morning, with three hours to myself!!  I have packed everyone off to their respective schools and hospitals, and now I’ve had a cup of coffee in peace and am content with dishes in the dishwasher and a load of laundry begun.  So I can indulge, for at least a few minutes!


Summer flew by; I’m not sure how much we were even in our house!  Most days began with swim team and ended in picnic dinners at the pool.  It was ridiculously hot and my little fish were content to play in the water.

Madeline is a swimmer.  Seriously.  At the risk of sounding like an obnoxious helicopter parent, her coach told us she could be a prodigy.  She does seem to have a natural talent, but she also adores Coach Cary.  He is precious and he’s also a wonderful coach.  By the end of the summer could do each of the four major strokes (are there any others?) and she had ventured into flips off the diving board.  She’s going to do winter league swimming at the Y so that she can polish those skills ~ I can’t believe she was doing all of this at four.  I can’t do it all at my age!

Claire continues to march to the beat of her own drummer.  We tried swimming lessons at the beginning of the summer and she cried her way through them despite Coach Cary’s best efforts and my whole bag of bribes.  She had absolutely no desire to put her face under water and she didn’t really trust anyone to hold her in deep water.  It made for an interesting week.  So we just let her play.  And each day she took little steps, with no help from me (in fact, if I showed any interest in her progress, she’d backtrack).  By the end of the summer she was trying so hard to swim; and finally, in Toledo, at Grandma Anne’s house, she put her face in and swam!  I was astounded.  That little girl is determined to do it her way, but she gets it done and that makes me happy!  Despite her new ability, she is insistent that she will NOT do swim team next year.  We’ll cross that bridge when we get there…

We had a wonderful whirlwind visit with Kate and Stephen that fell over the golf tournament (big success, lots of work) and Madeline’s fifth birthday.  How does five years pass in the blink of an eye?  I don’t have words to express what a joy Madeline is, she’s sweet and smart and sassy, but has the biggest heart in the world! 

On the heels of one whirlwind visit, came another ~ this time we travelled to Toledo to meet members Daddy’s extended family.  Despite the long drive, the trip was so much fun.  We loved the baby polar bear at the Toledo Zoo, the amazing Imagination Station, and of course playing with Aunts, Uncles and Great Grandparents!

We capped off our summer with our annual beach vacation.  It was wonderful while it lasted.  Sadly, we got chased out by Hurricane Earl, who turned out to be nothin.  But it wasn’t worth the risk to stay.  Still, we managed to have some exciting adventures at the Currituck Lighthouse, riding our bikes to Duck Donuts every morning, and “surfing” some of the huge waves that were rolling in all week!  The girls were so excited that they each had their own set of bunk beds and that, gasp, there was a TV in their room.  Sadly, I think that may have been Madeline’s favorite thing about our house this year.  Claire’s was definitely the little cul de sac out front because it was the ideal ground for perfecting her dare devil bike riding routine.

It was a wonderful summer full of times I will treasure the entire year through.  If time permits, I may jot down more of the highlights to preserve them for the colder seasons…


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