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“the best day ever”

::: Sorry, this is really old, somehow I forgot to post it, or thought I posted it but didn’t…. :::

It’s actually the tag line from Phineas.and.Ferb, one of our favorite  tv shows…but Tuesday was pretty close to that standard for Missy Doody.  First, Sydney came home!!  Poor Missy has really been struggling with Syd’s hospitalization.  I think there are so many difficult aspects for her and she still has a hard time verbalizing all of them. On a very basic level, she really hates to see Sydney in pain.  Missy Doody and Sydney are very attached and Missy really worries about her best friend.  Every night she asked Daddy if Sydney was scared and if she would be coming home soon.  On a more complicated level, Missy Doody is aware that Sydney has a “special heart” and that she has a “special heart.”  We took good care to shield her from things like the chest tube that would only stress her out, but even so, she was not happy looking at Sydney in the hospital bed knowing it will be her at some point.  She now equates having a special heart with being in the hospital, and I can’t lie and tell her that she won’t go through that because she’s due for it sometime (relatively) soon.  So that’s hard too.  And on a different level all together, she is a Momma’s girl…so my absence was hard on her.  All of these things have resulted in lots of worrying, lots of cuddling, and lots of…accidents.  Seriously.  For whatever reason, she is manifesting her stress with some mini accidents and some unmistakable clothes-have-to-be-changed and a-bath-is-required kind of accidents.  Yuck. (I can happily update that after three days of being home with her and reminding her frequently to use the bathroom, we seem to have overcome that issue.  Thank goodness.)

But back to the fun stuff.  So Missy Doody was thrilled to have Sydney back home.  In fact, she sang all morning long a song she created to the tune of “You are my Sunshine” but whose words were all about “My Sydney” coming home.  She was SO excited to wait for Syd’s car and was the first one there to welcome overwhelm Sydney as soon as the car door opened!  They played all afternoon and I had to drag her away with lots of assurances that Sydney was really home for good.

If I hadn’t had an incentive, I’m not sure I could have convinced her to leave.  But, as it was, I had the perfect thing ~ soccer practice!  She has been asking since the summer to play soccer and, for her, watching Princess P play in the fall was pure torture.  She really wanted to join in and didn’t really understand why should couldn’t.  So when Dr. A told us over the winter that she could play, we were ecstatic.  And so was she.  Even better, the Y put both the girls on the same team!  Not only do I only have to worry about coordinating one practice and one game every week, Missy Doody definitely relies on Princess P as a social safety net.  I wondered if I was doing the right thing, if I should have pushed Missy a little bit out of her box…but this is working out perfectly.  Missy Doody is happy and content and while she usually knows where Princess P is, she isn’t glued to her side or hiding behind her big sister.  And Princess, true to form, as befriended every child on the team.  She is such a social butterfly and I love how easy that comes to her!

It was so much fun to watch our girls out on the field together.  They are so cute and they were so happy.  Missy Doody kept stopping by the sideline to say “I’m doin it!  I’m doin it!”  and would periodically give us double thumbs up.  She had this HUGE grin on her face the entire time (well, except when the coach tried to shake her hand and then she looked at him like he was Frankenstein, but we’re working on that).  After practice, Princess P played with a new friend and Missy and I dribbled the balls up and down the fields.  She amazes me with her coordination, she can actually dribble while running…but she clearly did NOT understand shooting for the goal.  But there’s plenty of time for that…

And to cap off our special day, Missy Doody requested “the Noodle Place” for dinner.  Daddy & I love it because we can eat exciting food (Pad Thai, Japanese Noodles, etc.) while the girls can eat their version of exciting food (Mac ‘n Cheese, butter noodles) and everybody’s happy.  Now, when it comes to eating, my girls couldn’t be more different.  Princess P has always been adventurous and open to trying everything.  Missy Doody turns up her nose at anything that isn’t plain noodles, chicken nuggets, and pb&j.  She will eat most fruit, but veggies, nuh uh.  So I almost fell off my chair when she asked for some of my Pad Thai.  There was no way she was going to eat it, but I cut some up for her anyway.  And then.  She ate it! And asked for more! No way.  Between the two girls, they each ate most of their own dinners and then half of mine.  But I’m not complaining, I’m rejoicing.  It was just another lesson that everything happens at its own pace, in its own time.


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