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Tid bits

{Again, I wrote this about a month ago and am just now posting it, so bear with me}

My original blog began as a chronicle of our heart journey but it eventually morphed into a journal for recording the anything and everything that comes with raising children.  And I miss that!  So, here we are again.

Today was a less than typical day because of a two hour delay in school opening.  To celebrate, we went out to breakfast at P@nera.  On the way there, Princess P informed me that it’s not actually “brefix,” as she’s pronounced it for the past three and half years, but sadly “breakfast, you know like two words, break and fast.”  I almost cried.  Princess P has always been a very verbal child and somehow, when her speech came in, it came in practically perfect.  There were very very few “isms” including grammar (in this respect, she does actually take after me!).  The only two that I can clearly recall are “Looper Looths” in stead of “Super Sleuths” and this, “brefix.”  I explained to her that it’s very special to me to hear her say “brefix” because it reminds me of when she was little and she agreed to keep it in her vocabulary.  We’ll see.  It just seems that those last vestiges of babyhood get smaller and smaller every day.

Missy D, on the other hand, has speech-isms all over the place.  Only recently has her language begun to blossom.  She’s always been able to communicate what she wants or needs, but story-telling or longer explanations seemed just beyond her grasp.  That was excruciating for me because it’s so foreign to me but also because I worry it’s the result of one of the many somethings she’s had to endure.  Like she tends to do, Missy D just had to go at her own pace.  These days she’ll tell me a complete and complex story and I find myself not paying attention merely because I’m marveling at her ability to communicate what she’s thinking.  Today I had the little jingle “PBS kids” stuck in my head and I would periodically sing it out loud.  I must have passed it on to her because I heard her in the back seat singing it and then she reported “actually Momma, it’s PBS dot com.”  And that’s not a monumental statement, but the whole idea, that she heard and repeated and processed and then corrected me (in tune, no less) was amazing.


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